Häfele Loox LED lighting system

Light reimagined.

Think about the normal places where light shines in your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, sidetable lamps, diningrooms or even barbecue spaces. And now think of everywhere else in your home which could benefit from the addition of light. Those are the places where Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting System shines

Loox Lighting

Loox is not a bulb, fixture or cumbersome gimmick type fitting. LOOX is an incredibly innovative, modular system of LED lighting options which flawlessly adapts to both design and necessity—and in practically any interior environment. Installation is made easier by way of a “plug and play” driver system which allows for all manner of placement, switching control and personalized functionality.

Applications for Häfele’s Loox LED lighting system include under cabinet for both dry and wet areas, in-drawer and cabinets, closet fixtures and cubbies, built in furniture and other cabinetry in practically any area of a home or business.

We have everything from bright, flat lights which measure 6 mm thick to bedside gooseneck reading lights with two built-in 1 A USB chargers. Our Loox strip lights are available in a variety of color temperatures and can be secured using the included 3M backing tape or housed in an assortment of extrusions for a sleek, finished look. Strip lights can also be cut to fit in most any space—meaning that light can finally reach all those dark corners you may have previously resigned yourself to just not seeing. Loox downlights can be surface- or recess-mounted and are available in a collection of finish and trim options to accompany your design.

Switching options are almost as varied as the lighting assortment itself. In addition to mechanical push button and door activated switches, Häfele’s Loox system offers switching by remote control, single stage motion detection switch, dual stage motion detection and body heat activated switches and capacitive switches which can be built into wood and turned on or dimmed with the wave of a hand.

Our LED technology properly incorporates a variety of power systems for flexible installation. LED light fixtures radiate little heat and conserves energy over many other available solutions currently on the market. That means you can get light precisely where you need it and save money in the process.

Benefits of Häfele Loox LED Lighting Systems

Low-voltage LED lights have an extremely long life and reduce unnecessary waste. In addition to being incredibly energy efficient, our LED lights are powerful. They have a rich and saturated color that with a simple push of a button dramatically illuminates any room or accentuates a specific area.

At Häfele, we offer a variety of different power systems for any residential or commercial application. Our 12 V systems are voltage-controlled and connected in parallel in the 12 V system. We also have 24 V systems that can be utilized with brighter lights, along with 350 mA system that is current-controlled.


Loox LED Use and Care Instructions:


• Clean with a dry, soft, non-abrasive cloth • Avoid the use of liquids or harsh cleaners

• De-energize all lighting and power sources before cleaning in order to avoid shock hazard.

• Periodically inspect wiring and system components for damaged or loose connections in plugs and cabling.

• Discontinue use if damaged.