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Welcome to 2023!  I believe the year ahead will not be without its challenges, but the groundwork we set during last year will contribute to even greater year ahead.
I often say that business is a team sport and there is no way that we would achieve what we have done in 2022 without the support of our customers and the commitment of each staff member at Hafele South Africa. Business can be viewed as a big mechanical cog, where we all contribute to it speed as it goes round; its where effort and output combine. At the center of this mechanism is the heart of our business…our customers and clients and so we will continue to work on improving our service and the distribution and availability of our quality products into our market. 
We thank you for your support in 2022 and myself and my team look forward to working closely with you and we wish you all great success in 2023!

How it all began

From a local iron goods business into a multinational company.

The Häfele Story

How do we say Häfele?

As you may already know Häfele was founded and is headquartered in Germany. Häfele is pronounced differently all over the world; here in South Africa, phonetically Häfele is pronounced " Ha-fê-lê".
But it doesn't really matter how you pronounce it, however you say our name it still carries our values for quality of product and expertise in the industry.

Do you want to hear how some of us pronounce our company name?  

Click HERE to see our video!