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Our most important goal is that you can count on us at any time.

The Häfele logistics service.

You are on a tight schedule, your scheduling is planned in the best way possible, processes must be joined up, but spontaneous adjustments must also be possible without causing friction. For us, this means: your fittings must be in the right place at the right time, complete and correct. And above all: overnight if possible.

At Häfele, a perfectly organised logistics team works "invisibly" in the background with the help of the latest technologies, so that your order always arrives on the lorry by the fastest route. Your trust is our most important driver, so your next delivery is always the most important.





Our service on top: optimise processes with intelligent deliveries


We don't just deliver products, we deliver more efficiency. Intelligent pre-assembly of bespoke orders or packed sets saves you valuable time. You can start working immediately without having to allocate the goods to different projects. 

Packing by bespoke order

Should you be working on and ordering for seperate projects, you can request to receive the products packed separately for different projects.

Packed by Door Type

From the Ironmongery product range, each door is packed and labelled separately and delivered to site per floor.

The collective delivery

The customer can combine individual orders and have them delivered collectively on a day specified by him.


Packing purely according to type

If desired, each item can be packed separately in a box or on a pallet. In this way, we reduce the handling effort during storage or delivery to the customer's production site.

Just-in-time delivery

The required quantity – exactly when it is needed. This is how we support our customers and their deadlines.



Our service claim at Häfele

For us, intensive customer orientation is not just a catchphrase, but a deeply rooted corporate philosophy. Get to know our idea of service.